Legal Fund


To contribute to the Legal Support Fund please download and complete this form:
The RVRA Legal Support Fund Form

Direct debit facility will be available shortly.
A receipt will be issued for all donations if requested.
Financial donations will be gratefully received.

The RVRA Legal Support Fund

The RVRA Committee has established a Legal Support Fund.

This Fund would be solely made up from donations from residents who feel strongly that they are willing to help maintain resident’s rights.

Already we have received donations from our members and we sincerely thank you all for your generosity and your foresight in contributing to this fund which may be used to help all Retirement Village residents who need this assistance.

The RVRA Committee have pledged to contribute $20,000 from our existing funds and all donations from members and member villages will be added to this amount which will be used exclusively to provide legal support for our members in disputes between residents and operators.

This support will be decided under the Guidelines below. Acknowledgement and a receipt for all donations will be issued.

If you would like to send a personal donation, or join with a group of other residents in your village to make a group donation, download the form and mail it to:

RVRA Treasurer
PO Box 3349

It is an unfortunate fact that residents in NSW are being put in the position of having their recourse to an inexpensive legal jurisdiction, the CTTT, to settle disputes with their operators, undermined. An operator who has large financial resources, is able to take them to court to appeal a decision which is in favour of the residents.

While we do not dispute that the operator has this right, to then threaten to claim all costs back from the residents, not only for the court case, but also for their costs involved in the CTTT case which was won by the residents, we feel shows a lack of any understanding of the people for whom they are supposed to be providing a caring, safe environment. The residents in most cases are almost all pensioners who do not have recourse to funds to mount a legal defence.

The RVRA would like to have some funds available to assist residents in this type of situation. We already provide support and expertise from members who have had CTTT experience but in the past have not provided any financial assistance.

CTTT Hearings

The RVRA will consider assisting villages with a CTTT application, or a response to an application by an operator, in the following ways:

Giving advice about the suitability and likely success of an application under the Guidelines listed below. The committee may decide to provide:

  • support with the preparation of an application and submission
  • advocacy on behalf of the residents at the Tribunal hearing
  • assistance with legal fees.
Guidelines for CTTT Support

Every case will be considered on its merits.

  1. Would the RVRA involvement in the matter create a dangerous precedent?
  2. Does the matter involve a significant legal principle?
  3. Does the matter have significance for the industry as a whole? (ie Does the matter have implications for residents in other villages?)
  4. Is there a significant lack of human and/or financial resources within the village concerned to enable them to act autonomously?
  5. Is there humanity issue involved?
  6. The extent of RVRA membership in the village involved will be considered.