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Recommendation by the Retirement Village Residents Association to review the Retirement Villages’ Industry in NSW

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Submission requesting clarification of a critical aspect concerning “90 Day Settling In Period”

Submissions to Government

The RVRA has produced a ‘Discussion Paper’ titled “Recommendation by the Retirement Village Residents Association to review the Retirement Villages’ Industry in NSW” for consideration by government.

Briefly the specific focus of the Association’s development of the Discussion Paper is to have input on issues relevant to the more than 45,000 seniors, who have chosen to live in retirement villages in NSW, attracted by the security and sense of community that village life offers. Their number will no doubt experience fast growth as the NSW population continues to age.

The Retirement Village Residents Association seeks to have Members of the New South Wales Parliament endorse the following Policy initiatives:

Policy initiative 1:

Appoint a panel of experts to review those sections of the RV legislation whose inherent flaws and deficiencies resulted in the recent spate of applications to the Consumer Trade and Tenancy Tribunal. As part of its terms of reference this panel will also develop standard contracts for retirement villages to use when selling property or occupation rights to consumers, allowing for differences in tenure, location and facilities between villages.

Policy initiative 2:

Look into “areas of conflict between the Strata Title Management Laws and the Retirement Villages Legislation”.

Policy initiative 3:

Look into the need for, and fairness or otherwise of, the financial commitments required of leaseholders in exchange for their lease in Loan/Lease and Loan/Licence type retirement villages.

Policy initiative 4:

Introduce legislation that enables residents faced with emergency needs to recover their funds speedily and with ease.

Policy initiative 5:

Act speedily and decisively to remove the ambiguity and introduce Regulation that defines clearly the concepts of “maintenance”, “repair” and “replacement”, as well as who bears responsibility for expenses associated with such events. The future legislation should have regard to the ownership and use of items of capital as well as the moneys paid to the operator by residents, such as Entry payments and Departure fees.

Other policy initiatives are also discussed.