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News and Events

Here you can download past issues of the RVRA quarterly members’ newsletter, or explore the relevant category under News and Events for more information about items of interest to RVRA Members and Residents. Documents that are no longer active but may still be historically relevant can be found in the Archives.

Categories include:

Association News
This section covers RVRA related notices and stories.

Court Proceedings
Here you will find brief reports and outcomes of matters such as Appeals.

Information for Retirement Village Residents
The information links in this section may be of interest to those already living in retirement villages. Articles are of a general nature and any advice must be considered with regard to the date it was written. In general it does not deal with legal, contractual matters or the application of the Act or Regulations. These matters are dealt with in the page titled The Law

Media Reports
RVRA committee members monitor print, radio and TV media for items of interest to members and other residents. A selection of extracts from the media are listed in this section.

Good News From Around Our Villages
We are sure there are good and great things happening in villages in NSW.
If you have a good news story about your village, please let us know.
Just mail or email your message to us and we will ensure it is added to our web site.

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