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The Retirement Village Calculator

Finding the right retirement village can be a difficult and daunting task. Many retirement villages have complicated fee structures that make it difficult to compare them to other villages. The retirement village calculator makes it easier for you to compare different retirement villages by converting their fees to a standardized comparison rent. The retirement village calculator allows you to focus on the things that are important to you. So when you are deciding on a retirement village you can consider the extra personal and financial value of the facilities and services that it offers, as well as other factors like its location.

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Departure Fee Calculator

Departure fees are one of the major considerations in assessing the hidden costs of living in a retirement village. An excellent resource to assist in the understanding of departure fees will be found on the “Its Your Life” and some other websites.
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Case Studies

Moving into a retirement village is an investment decision as well as a lifestyle decision. People have many reasons for moving into a retirement village, combining the benefits of being in a private and secure environment with a home that is easily maintained. Retirement villages offer social activities, amenities and the freedom to choose a lifestyle that meets your needs.

There are hundreds of retirement villages in NSW of different sizes and styles providing a range of services and facilities. Take time to obtain all the information you can from the villages that interest you.

The links from this page will help you make the decision about moving into a retirement village and explain many important things you need to consider before finalising your choice.

Retirement Village Living

In March 2011 the NSW Fair Trading published a booklet Retirement Village Living which is now out of print.

A 19-page RVRA commentary on the booklet can be viewed from this link:
View document “Retirement Village Living” with RVRA Comments.

If after reading this information you have any further questions, please visit the NSW Office of Fair Trading website, your nearest Fair Trading Centre or call them on 13 32 20.

In August 2014 NSW Fair Trading published a more concise pamphlet Moving into a retirement village?        View document “Moving into a retirement village?”

In May 2016 the RVRA published its own updated advice “Moving Into a Retirement Village – The Questions You Need to Ask and The Things You Need to Know”.
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